Real Techniques Starter Set review

Hiya lovelies!

I was incredibly spoiled on my birthday this year. I was gifted some lovely beauty-related things and I also bought some with my birthday money. One of the things I got was a brush set from Real Techniques, as their brushes have been lauded from the heights on just about every blog in existence.

No smoke without fire, right?

So here's my review: BUY THEM.

Seriously. These brushes are deserving of the hype and then some.

You get:
  • base shadow brush: applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color
  • deluxe crease brush: soft, oversized design for effortless contouring
  • accent brush: designed for precision detailing, spotlighting, highlighting, and smudging
  • pixel-point eyeliner brush: tapered cut is ideal for dense or fine eyeliner application
  • brow brush: distinctive shape easily defines eyebrows

I'm going to include this photo again so you can see the brushes better.

The brushes are light and comfortable to use and YAY they are cruelty free synthetic bristles. They're made by the people who make Eco Tools brushes, which I also rate highly. They're very densely and generously packed, yet are soft on the eye and not at all scratchy. It really makes a difference to the application. The blending brush is just a joy. The accent brush works really well at working brow powder in. I've recently discovered that to make brow powder look really good you need to work it in in a window-washer type movement left and right, or else it can look too obvious. You really have to get in there and wiggle the brush underneath your brow hairs and that little brush is great for that. You can use the tapered brow brush to finish off.

I bought these brushes on Amazon for about £17, which averaged out at about £3.40 a brush. They've gone up to £19.91 now (£3.98 each) but keep your eye out because they seem to vary greatly in price. Even at £3.98 each you're getting some fabulous quality brushes and a case which doubles up as a stand.

Photo from Amazon

After receiving these brushes and being absolutely wowed by them, I found out their Core Collection was down to £14-something, so I ordered those with my birthday money too. Review coming soon.

I've cleaned these brushes a few times already and they clean up well and don't lose their shape.

Have you tried Real Techniques brushes? 

Thanks for reading.

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