Random facts about me

Hiya loves!

I thought I'd share some random funny/strange things that've happened to me.

  1. When I was single and ready to mingle I used to hang out at this cool Swedish bar/restaurant in Soho called Garlic & Shots. They had blacklights in the downstairs bar. Earlier on my friend had told me she had a UV make up pen, but I didn't believe it'd work. I wrote 'c*nt' on my forehead backwards and soon forgot about it....until I went past a mirror and saw YES I did have c*nt on my forehead and had been walking around like it visible under the blacklight for about an hour by this time. Oops. 
  2. I once shouted at a member of the rock band A at Gatwick because he burst into an area I'd blocked off for cleaning. More oops.
  3. I went to see Whitesnake and heckled David Coverdale (singer) by yelling 'Oi! David! Show us yer cock!' At which point he repeated it to the whole friggin' arena. Ahem. It made him smile though. ;)
  4. About Garlic & Shots again - I'd been going there for a couple of years and ALWAYS had the vodka, garlic and honey shot. I made the fatal mistake of trying to drink one whilst sober for the first time - usually I was blotto. I gagged and had to pinch my nose to finish it. It had SO much garlic in it it could've stunned a horse. I turned incredulously to my friend and said 'Has it always smelled like this?!' She nodded uneasily at which point I said 'People have snogged me after I've drunk it. OH. MY. GOD!!'
  5. When my friend Mich and I went to the Ozzfest many moons ago, we were 'escorted' back to our tent by a couple of amorous chaps on the way back to the camp site who mistakenly thought they were going to get invited in. Firstly, my friend had bought perhaps the smallest 2 man tent in the history of the world, and we could barely get into it, let alone anyone else. Secondly, the God of festivals had decreed it was peeing down cats and dogs, and loads of water had pooled in the entranceway. Mich got in first (it was such a low tent we had to back in sitting down) but didn't tell me me it was wet so I went in and got a soaking wet arse. That set me off into fits of giggles, which got worse when we both realised the two fellas were standing outside the tent listening to us. We both held our breath and didn't talk until they got the hint and went away. As they did one of them said 'I really like the one with the glasses!' Mich and I - both wearing glasses - looked at each other and burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter.
De-lurk and tell me something about yourself!

What is the most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?

Thanks for reading!

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