Fat bitch #5 I'm so vain!

Hello flowers,

I'm a little bit behind on the assignments for the Fat Bitch ecourse run by the fabulous Rachele from The Nearsighted Owl.

#5 is about vanity, glorious sweet vanity.

I am so vain. I love myself - most of the time. Of course I have my days like everyone else, but mainly I'm happy with my lot. On to the assignment:

Be vain and take a photo of yourself. Take a million of photos of yourself! Even if you don't post them, see what it feels like to be your own apple of your eye. Say, look at me! I am a fat bitch AND hot! Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc.

I was going to lounge around the house taking a bunch of photos of myself for this assignment, but I had an awesome Easter weekend out with my friends, and I thought I looked bangin', so have a load of this:

Cheesin' in the car on the way

Me & Percy the giant penis

Pinching my friend's hat for a while

I love this one - look at my cheekbones!

I prefer sincere compliments over too many compliments, probably because duh, I am vain and I am hearing what I already know. What about you? Can you take a compliment? Or do you catch yourself saying the obligatory self-deprecating response?

When I was younger, I used to be THE worst person at accepting comments. I think it was part nurture and part nature. I grew up dirt poor in a very rough n' tough place about 20 miles away from London and since moving away I've definitely noticed life away from big cities is a little gentler, and so are some of the people in it, including me ;) I was very guarded as a survival instinct, but gradually I stopped being so defensive, perhaps when I moved away. Now I try to be mindful to accept compliments when they come, but I'm very humble and sometimes bat them away without thinking, but I try not to. I think it depends how I feel at the time as well. If I feel fantastic I'm much more likely to agree with a positive comment.

On the subject of vanity, I think a certain amount of it is healthy. I know if I feel craptacular all I have to do to cheer myself up is put on some make up, dress up and take a ton of photos. So I'd go as far to say that vanity is a part of self care. 

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