Fab mineral blusher - Lily Lolo 'Doll Face'.

Hello all!

Before I started blogging I never used to wear blusher. I've got really rosy cheeks and couldn't see the point of blusher. Now I absolutely love it and have lots of it - powder, cream and liquid. A blusher which is pretty new to me is this one, by Lily Lolo, who are cruelty free. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you'll see it's absolutely stunning. It's too subtle of its own accord for me to use as a blush because I subscribe to the 'go big or go home' theory when it comes to blusher, but for very pale people or subtle-loving folks, it's a dream. I'll use it as a highlight, but it'd be just as beautiful applied with a powder puff for gorgeous glowing skin on a night out.

It's absolutely gorgeous and I can't stop cooing over it.

Lily Lolo is fantastic quality make up at brilliant prices. I'm a massive fan! A little goes a very long way, so for a fairly low outlay you will get products that will perform AND last and last. I have a few other items from Lily Lolo (foundation, concealer, green redness corrector, eyeshadows) and it's the highest quality mineral make up I've ever used. Mineral make up is fantastic for older skin as it seems to glide over wrinkles giving a really flawless look. You only have to read the reviews on each item on the website to see how well they're loved.

Have you tried anything by Lily Lolo? 

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