Pretending it's summer OOTD

Hiya lovely ones,

I saw some lovely plus bloggers wearing a Primark maxi skirt a few weeks ago and loved it. It looked great, and even better it was oversized, which meant it might fit me. I wanted to go to Primark to get some birthday treats anyway, so whilst I was there I had a look at the skirt and the 20 looked big enough to fit me so I bought it. Actually I could've bought a 16 or 18 because it's that oversized. It has an elasticated waist and is very comfortable.

Although it's a skirt, I'm wearing it as a dress. If I do wear it as a skirt, I think I'll wear it under my boobs as it's so voluminous my legs will disappear otherwise.

I decided I'd dress as if I was going to the beach with some friends. I gave my new wacky shades a spin too.

Click photos for larger images.

Red bow hair band, Primark
Sunglasses, Primark
Leopard maxi, Primark
Belt, ASOS
Handbag, Primark
Shoes, Asda

Normally I don't try things in straight sizes, apart from cardigans, which I never wear done up so it doesn't matter if they're too small.

Do you try things on even if they're a much smaller size than you normally wear?

I think I need to broaden my horizons a bit, especially with the current oversized trend, or else I might miss out on some gems!

Thanks for reading, and thanks to the gorgeous ladies who inspired me to try this skirt out.

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