Sweet like Cherry Coke OOTD

Hello you!

A little story about me. When I was a kid, certainly before senior school age, I was addicted to Cherry Coke. It was my crack. I grew up in a single parent family and money was tight, so any time I got any money for birthdays, Christmas and after smiling sweetly at kindly old people I used to pop over to Mrs Egan's corner shop and get me some of that sweet, condensation-trickling-down-the-can nectar. In those days we didn't have those pop-back tabs like you do today. Oh no, you had to pull the whole thing off, which often led to blood loss, since they were bloody hard to pull back, especially when you've got tiny childlike sausage fingers. (Useless fact - I had the smallest hands in my whole class at senior school.)

As I walked back home from the shop on any given day I used to debate whether to open the can there and then or wait until I got in. Decisions, decisions. Delicious anticipation. Now, I don't have Cherry Coke in the house. I bought a multi pack of cans a couple of years ago and drank the whole lot in about 12 hours. If I bought it regularly I'd only have 2 teeth left in my head by now!

When I saw this t shirt on New Look I almost skipped with joy.

The biggest size they had was a 22 at the time, so that's what I got. It fits me fine around the boobs but not so much around the bum, because my arse is about 2 sizes bigger than the rest of me. Oh, talking of bums, 2 people came to my blog after searching 'big woman with bubble butt'. Hahaha! Well, they found me!

When I put this outfit together hubby said 'Your outfit looks lovely!' He complements me all the time. It makes up for all that time I spend picking his discarded clothes off the floor ;)

Have you ever been addicted to a seemingly innocuous product?

I might get the Diet Coke t shirt from New Look as well.

T shirt, New Look
Cardi, eBay
Skirt, Simply Be (old.)
Shoes (just seen) Rocket Dog
Hair flower, Peacocks
Necklace, Extreme Largeness

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