My birthday - Pett Level beach

Hello cheeky pants!

Sunday was my birthday. The sun shone, it was 7 degrees C - which felt like high summer after the weather we've been having lately - and we decided to go for a wander. We stopped off at a church on the way to our destination as I love churches and graveyards. Our main destination was Pett Level beach, which is about a 30 minute drive away from us. When we got there we read an information sign that said at low tide on the beach remains of an ancient forest can be seen. There was a forest here before the last ice age, but after the ice age the sea levels rose and the trees were preserved in the mud and salt water. Since then the sea levels have dropped slightly, which means the fossilised trees can be seen at low tide. The forest must have stretched all the way to Hastings (at least) because when they sank the pilings for Hastings Pier in the 1870s they found petrified trees then.

Clockwise from top left -

My make up that day//a piece of petrified wood//hubby examining it//sun on water is so pretty//walking//a lone post//the best example of petrified wood we saw//the church we visited//graveyards & pylons//the church. Centre - close up of the fossilised wood.

Clockwise from top left -

Little boats//getting closer to our goal//a lovely house//hubby//where we sat for a while//there were lots of large pieces of debris on the beach//the most gorgeous house//3 x gorgeous beachside houses. Centre - reflection.

 Clockwise from top left -

Hubby exploring//the sun behind the wooden pole//me//graffiti scrawled in sandstone//cliff top trees//more graffiti//danger danger//strange markings high up on the cliff//the gorgeous house has an equally gorgeous garden//watching the seagulls. 

Clockwise from top left -

Sea worn wood//oops this photo was in another collage//groyne//hubs//me//hubs in the restaurant//more fossilised wood//me in the restaurant//my fish and chip dinner//a birthday beer. Centre - the sun behind the pole made for a lovely aura.

We walked for 90 minutes along the beach, and by the time we got back to the car I was limping severely. Even James was suffering. I'm going to TRY to have a chilled week, but the universe has other plans! ;)

The greatest thing about this birthday was that not until the next day did I even think about being another year older. I call that a result! Other than getting married this year, I think this was my favourite birthday ever.

This weekend I see all my family and get to celebrate all over again!

What was your best birthday?

Thanks for reading!

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