A sunny weekend in London

Hiya pickles!

I hope today finds you well.

Last weekend husband face and I went to visit his parents in London. They live in a nice area - Graham Norton lives just around the corner. He's often seen out walking his dogs nearby. It's always good to go visit as his mum runs around looking after us (which is a lovely rest for me.) We always have a laugh there as his parents are very young in attitude.

The obligatory 'in car' shot on the way

We went round St Katharine's Dock. I'm so drawn to water so I take any chance to be near it at home or away!

As you can see it was a beautiful sunny day, but what I call 'fresh' - in other words, bloomin' freezing!

 I love Tower Bridge so much - it's an iconic part of London and a really beautiful sight.

This shot - taken in haste - came out much better than expected!

It was very windy.

In other news, I'm temporarily phone-free. My new phone was faulty from the outset (which is why I haven't reviewed it here yet - I hate doing negative reviews!) and finally after jumping through hoops Phones 4U agreed to exchange it. I had to send it away today and as soon as they receive it they'll pop my new one in the post. I'm not taking any chances - I paid for it to be sent by special delivery. The thing I'm most missing - other than the security of having a mobile phone when I'm out alone - is Instagram! I've been looking at everyone's posts on Followgram, so I don't feel totally out of the loop.

What's the thing you'd miss the most if you didn't have your phone?

Thanks for reading!

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