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Rachele - cat mama, dimply-cheeked diva and mistress of awesome tagged me in a 5 Things Post. Go read Rachele's or else ferrets will invade your bum. Don't believe me? Just wait. Ferrets are the masters of suspense*.

Anyhoo, here we are with 5 things about me. I really struggled as I'm chronic over-sharer and you already know so much about me!

1. I sound like Eliza Doolittle before she had elocution lessons.

My nan on my mum's side was a Cockney born in Bermondsey who later moved to Kent with my grandad - who was also born in London. They settled about 20 miles outside of London, where accents tend to be quite similar to those in London anyway.

My grandad tending his beloved garden

My nan (on the right.)

So I'm a chirpy Cockney-sounding bird. One day I'll do a video so you can hear me but I HATE my voice on video. It's weird - I don't mind my speaking voice but hearing it back is so weird.

 2. I am an encyclopaedia of song lyrics. I think in songs. I'll hear a word that triggers a lyric and I'm off singing it. Almost every dream I have, there's a song in it, and I'll get it stuck in my head and sing it all day.

3. This may not be news to anyone, but I'm quite vain. I think a certain amount of vanity is healthy. Some people might think it's odd for a fat person to be vain, but I think that's bull. Everybody has something (hopefully many things!) they love about themselves and want to look at every now and then as positive affirmation of how great they are. Every body. I don't think money is the root of all evil - comparison is. If we all loved ourselves a bit more, jealousy would all but disappear.

*vain face*

You can see my polka dot knickers on under my skirt. Oops! As my mum would say "At least you've got some on!"

4. I got my first white hair at 22. WHITE! No, don't bring me in gently with the grey - just go straight to bloody white. Hahaha!

5. I'm pretty disorganised. When I was well enough to be working, my office and workspace were organised to the nth degree. At home, not so much! I have a notebook fetish, and they're scattered all about me. The laundry in this place never seems to be done - I'm either doing laundry, drying laundry, folding it or putting it away. (I'm sorry, but life is too short for ironing!) When laundry isn't in one of those stages it's piled on the second sofa in the living room waiting on being folded and put away. You wouldn't think there are only two of us here. I have no idea where it all comes from!

I'm gradually introducing storage solutions so I can organise things better. We've recently added a double bed in the spare room which is a storage bed. When you lift the mattress up (it's pneumatic) it makes a Star Wars-esque swooshing noise. Cool.

We also added a bathroom organiser for allll my lotions and potions.

We recently bought some furniture from our friends who are moving to Canada next month. We got a tall wardrobe but it's so large we had to take it to bits outside the main entrance to get it into the building! My last wardrobe broke under the strain of all my clothes 18 months ago, which is why I keep buying more - I can't find anything! We also bought a tall but narrow cd/dvd shelf, because it fits into a space about 9 inches wide, which is very handy.

I think brutal organisation is key for people like me who have fluctuating fatigue and pain levels. I definitely attack the housework in fits and starts rather than being able to do the same tasks every day. I do what I can when I can, but things are certainly messy more than I'm comfortable with.

I tag everyone who wants to do this! Please feel free to come back and leave your link when you've posted yours, I'd love to see!

* I may have made that up about ferrets.

Thanks for reading!

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