Wake up and smell the coffee

Hello lovelies!

When I was in Kent this weekend visiting my family my dad gave my hubby and I a pretty nifty coffee machine for our anniversary.

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The DeLonghi Dolce Gusto comes with a starter pack of 6 coffees and my dad got me a box of 8 of my favourite chococino pods as well. My aunt has the same machine and the chococino drink it makes is divine! So thick and yummy. My aunt and cousin gave me two tall glasses and 2 side plates from Costa to accompany the new machine.

I'm pretty caffeine intolerant so I'll mainly be using this machine for decaf, hot chocolate and iced tea with the occasional milky or speciality coffee thrown in for good measure. I love that it can make hot or cold drinks. When coffee lovers come to visit I'll be able to make them a lovely cup of proper coffee. Each cup comes out at a very reasonable 46p (based on a pack of 8 pods costing £3.68, as on the Dolce Gusto website) but I'm sure most of the supermarkets will have multi-buy deals on the pods now and then. Compare that with a Costa or Starbucks coffee and the difference is obvious. There's a dizzying array of 30 different drinks to choose from - everything from caramel latte macciato to lemon iced tea and decaf varieties.

Here's a video of a similar model in use (mine doesn't have the LED display.)

I got £10 credit for the Dolce Gusto store when I registered so I've just stocked up on 4 varieties - moarrrr chococino, cappucino, caramel latte macciato and vanilla latte macciato. Yum yum! I don't really drink alcohol much any more because of my irritable bladder, so this is my new drinks obsession.

Have you got a coffee or tea maker? 

Thanks for reading!

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