Catch up time

Hello lovelies.

I feel I've neglected my blog for a couple of days so thought I'd do a little catch up post. I had a lovely weekend away in Kent with my family this weekend. We had a get together over a pub lunch which was great. There were 11 of us there in total - me, hubby, mum, dad, step dad, brother & his girlfriend, aunt, two cousins and little C, my cousin's little girl. This was the second time the family has got together in the last month and we're doing it again next month to celebrate my dad's and brother's birthdays, which are 2 days apart.

Here's a defaced painting in the pub which tickled my fancy. He looks a bit like a one-eyed Neil Kinnock.

After the meal we went round to Superdrug so I could buy C an MUA Power Pout lippie. She'd watched me fascinated as I did my make up then wanted me to do hers. I put a little bit of blusher on her and the pink Power Pout, telling her she's too pretty to need any more make up. She loved the lippie and since she's always got dry lips, the moisturising element to it will do her some good, so I said I'd get her one. I'd already painted her nails to match mine before we left for the pub.

It was lovely to spend some time with my cousin's little girl again. Technically she's my second cousin but she asked if I could be her auntie so I said yes, of course! She always gives me massive cuddles when she first sees me, which is adorable. Yesterday she was eating her lunch and her dad kept telling her that if she didn't eat it all she couldn't have an ice cream afterwards. In an attempt to get her to eat the last of her veg I said 'Food, ice cream, bath, cuddles.' She said 'No-ooooooo! Food, cuddles, play on your phone, ice cream, bath!' She loves playing games on my phone, especially princess dress up games. Well, she ate the rest of her dinner with haste then rushed over for cuddles.

Here she is eating her dinner.

Here's the huge Sunday dinner I had.

It was bloody delicious. My aunt makes lovely, lavverly food.

After we'd eaten I gave C a bath and washed her hair. She does her own bits and bobs and I just give her back a scrub then wash and condition her hair. To be fair we spent more time playing with her bath toys than bathing her, and I had the splashes to clean up to prove it afterwards.

While we were at my aunt's house we made plans for two of my cousins, my aunt and C to come visit in the summer for a few days. When I said I'd buy C a bucket and spade so she could play by the sea she whispered conspiratorially 'I've got a bikini!' Hahaha. She's such a tonic.

Back to blog things, this week you can expect to see me with purple eyebrows (linking up a colourful brow post with another fab blogger) some outfit posts and lots of other goodies.

Have a brilliant week!

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