A tale of two Leahs


I want to tell you a story.

Once upon a time in a world not too dissimilar to this one, there were two fabulous fat fashion bloggers. One had dark curly hair and one had dark straight hair and they both wore glasses. They were both bootilicious and boobilicious, but one was from oop north and one was darn sarf. 

Because they were both SO fabulous people got them mixed up a lot. One of the Leahs considered changing her name to Vagina, but it really didn't go with her surname. So what were they to do? Either they became a collective and decided to take over the world by brute force (hold on, I like this idea) or else they could help their followers with a photo reminder to ease telling this pair of bobby dazzlers apart. (I totally typed booby dazzlers there!)

And here was the pictorial guide they used, which also utilised their Twitter handles:

On the plus side, Leah DM (who leads a solitary existence in her top secret clifftop lair) was getting a lot more traffic on Twitter from the people who meant to tweet the immensely popular Leah S, which saved her from knitting mittens made from her own pubic hair.

After the guide was issued, all became right in the world again. There was no need to form a collective and the earth was saved from rampaging Leahs. Civilisation never knew how close it came to utter annihilation.

Thanks for reading.

P.S. My tongue is so far in cheek I think I may have dislocated something. ;)

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