Some thoughts after the first Love EVERY Body assignment

Hi all.

I wanted to say a few words about the first Love EVERY Body assignment which we all did almost 2 weeks ago now.

I know some of you found it difficult and did it anyway - thank you. I know some of you haven't done it because it brought up some issues and you're working through them - thank you for trying. One person has pulled out - I'm sorry it put you in an uncomfortable place and I totally understand your reasons for doing so.

As I say in the video, positivity (pos-ee-ev-eety) is no replacement for counselling, or any other kind of proper support. If doing the first post (or any more of them) makes you uncomfortable or triggering, you are 100% right and welcome to back out or skip that month's assignment. The very last thing I want to do is for anyone to feel worse about themselves. Maybe talking about all our body issues in the first assignment was over optimistic. Don't feel guilty for not doing your post in that case, please. Our issues take a long time to build up and you're not in the wrong for feeling that's too difficult to address. After doing CBT I'm used to facing my fears head on (the 'rip the plaster off quick' approach, as I like to call it) but that's not going to work for everyone. If you want to head straight on into the 2nd exercise and leave the first one that's absolutely fine and I guarantee you'll have the total support of the rest of us LEB folk. 

For those of you who did take part and/or who commented on lots of other people's posts, thank you so much. I asked for everyone participating to comment on 3 random posts and offer support and many of you went way, way above that number. A special thanks to Roxanne who commented on every single post and has been chief cheerleader for everyone so far. I was like a proud mama reading through all the comments and seeing how people who didn't know each other were offering one another support. It was really heartening and is just what I'm trying to create - a gorgeous community of people who want to lift each other up. Thanks to all my lovely readers for commenting on my post too. I know it was a long read, and every who got through it deserves a medal.

Our next assignment is due on Sunday January 5th and we're going to be talking about everything above the neck which we like, and perhaps the things we don't like too since sometimes we need to confront things to get past them. There's a lot of scope - hair, facial features, smile, teeth, complexion, freckles, dimples, scars, beauty spots, piercings, eyebrows. If you're stuck for praise about your face and hair, how about the favourite aspect of your personality? Since your cranium contains that grey thing that makes us all us, I think we'll be OK to include all the good stuff our brains create. Feel free to take photos, write a poem, draw or anything else that helps you celebrate your best bits above the neck.

About the video - it was handheld, I chop most of my head off in some of it, and I look as rough as a porcupine's back end, but on the plus side my tits look enorm. Hahaha. Oh, and it's really quiet too. Bum. Oh, and I never stop fiddling with my hair either. Awkward girl is awkward.

Thanks so much for reading!

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