MUA Luxe Lip Velvets in Kooky, Criminal & Reckless

Hiya lovelies,

I got my hands on some of MUA's new Luxe velvet lip lacquers, which are similar to the Lime Crime lip velvetines, so I thought I'd link to my review of the Lime Crime velvetine and talk about both that and the MUA ones.

I have edited this post - it was initially quite positive - as after further use, I've changed my mind about the MUA velvets. Read on to find why.

The Luxe range has been really hard to get hold of overall, so I got hold of the 3 colours I wanted over 2 Superdrug online orders. I picked up:

Kooky - purple
Criminal - hot pink which looks neon in some lights
Reckless - red

So, how do they compare to the Lime Crime velvetines?

Firstly there's the price difference.
MUA - £3
Lime Crime - £13.50

The Lime Crime Velveteen (review here) applies smoothly and dries fairly quickly. I have no problem shaping my lips or over-extending them with the applicator it comes with as the product goes on thinly and evenly. Once set, it does wear from the centre of my lips when I eat and drink, and if I accidentally brush my mouth with my fingers it transfers quite badly (without smudging my lips.) The Lime Crime velvetines smell like vanilla or cookies, which is lovely. When the Lime Crime velveteen wears off totally, it does so fairly well without leaving my lips in a mess.

The MUA velvets apply much more thickly, dry more slowly (you need to go slack jawed until they dry or your lips will stick together) and need a bit more finesse. I feel they would apply best with a fine lip brush rather than the doe foot applicator, because it's easy to make mistakes. If you go over your lip line you need a great make up remover to get it off. When they set they don't budge and don't transfer easily. They stay on for a few hours with little wear (unless you eat or drink) but when it does start to wear, it goes bad VERY quickly and looks like a mess. You can reapply over the top of a previous 'coat', but when you finally want to remove it, it's like trying to remove the toughest grease you've ever seen - you're likely to end up with product all over your lower face. It smears, rather than removes. They're TOO hard to get rid of. The MUA ones have no discernible smell until you get in close and then it smells like vodka breath the morning after. I think it's an unscented product (unless hangover breath is a new thing) and that's just how the product smells. I'd have liked a vanilla scent but for £3, I think I can deal.

On more thought and longer use, I can't really recommend these lip creams over Lime Crime any more. I would say save up and buy the Lime Crime ones. I might re-buy Kooky once it's all gone as the formula is the best out of the 3 I have and the colour is quite unusual. I'll be saving up my pennies for the new hot pink Lime Crime Velveteen.

Here's a photo of me wearing Kooky.

I will have proper SLR swatches as soon as this God-forsaken Vit B6 deficiency goes. The corners of my mouth are so split and sore and look disgusting!

Have you tried any of these velvet type lip creams? I know Topshop do some as well.

Thanks for reading.

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