OMCZ 23 - Pretty pencils OOTD

Hiya pickles!


Happy New Year's Eve.

This fortnight the challenge was picked by Betty:

'Pretty Pencils'

Betty Wrote: I absolutely love pencil skirts but I've never had the confidence to wear them, what with the VBO and all that jazz. However, I've just ordered a beauty and I could really do with that push in order to wear it...let me see all you lovely ladies rocking your pencil skirts, get those pins out and share your style tips (as I also have no idea what to wear with the damn thing)! Betty x

I'm wearing my old faithful ASOS Curve pencil skirt and a blouse which only arrived a couple of hours before I started taking these photos. It's fresh out of the bag and thus a little creased. It's from Everything 5 Pounds.

I like it because there are 2 layers of fabric over the boobs for modesty, but there's only one panel below the boobs, giving a lovely sheer look. I sized up to a 30/32 as I have a problem getting things with no stretch to fit over my bubble butt. It's too big in the boobs but I don't mind a bit. It has lovely loose flowy sleeves which are see through. The sleeves are too long for me, but they act as hand warmers. 

I'm wearing my Wonder Woman necklace from my friend Lisa. It's funny because I often joke about not being Superwoman any more, so now I'm Wonder Woman as in 'I wonder which body part is going to play up today?' Hahaha. My sense of humour gets me through. :) I love the necklace, and I had the biggest crush on Wonder Woman when I was a child.

Necklace, from Lisa
Top, Everything 5 Pounds.
Skirt, ASOS Curve
Tights* Big Bloomers Company
Shoes, Rocket Dog

Do you wear pencil skirts? They can be a tad unforgiving on my ample hips, but I say sod it!

Thanks for reading.

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