Emptying the trash can of my mind


I have some stuff and things I want to say, although I don't know what they are yet. It'll come as I write.

Firstly (I know this part, aha!) I want to do a giveaway or two as I have some things (jewellery, nail polish, scarves etc) I've been buying for it, but I REALLY don't want a non-reader to win. I appreciate the support you give me and want to do something to give thanks for that. I've only ever done one giveaway so far and the person who won commented on my blog for the first and last time when they commented on the giveaway post. They were not an existing reader. I know a lot of people do giveaways as they want to gain more followers, but followers for the sake of followers doesn't interest me one jot. I want readers who sign up to read what I have to say - that's it. With so many professional compers about these days there's a good chance a giveaway open to all will attract more competition hounds than readers and the prize might not go to a person I want to thank, which will defeat the object. 

So, I'm floating the idea of running a kinda secret giveaway for my existing readers, and I have a couple of thoughts about the mechanics of doing this (which I won't share yet but it will involve you doing precisely SOD ALL.) The likely upshot is I will pick winners at random by putting names in a hat or using a random number generator and then ask for your address, at which point I'll say 'Surprise free shit!' It'll be UK only as I want to get things posted before Xmas, although I hope to do another international giveaway at some point in the future. So there's that.


I also want to talk about valuing yourselves, and I'm talking to myself as much as anyone else here. I'm not sure why it is, but sometimes when you're a bit humble isn't the word....modest, I guess, people see that as weakness and underestimate or devalue you, or you're so insignificant to them you don't even appear on their radar. My mum always likes to talk about a Bible saying about people 'who hide their light under a bushel'. Over the years I've been underestimated sometimes, taken for a soft touch even, in which case I've had to give out a fierce attitude adjustment. As I've grown older (wiser?) I've started to realise that the universe treats you how you treat yourself. Now that was an eye-opener.

Any modesty about myself or my blog is genuine, but this belies the fact that I'm incredibly proud of this blog, and of you. Thus, going forth I'll be doing myself and you a disservice if I continue this 'I'm not worthy!' routine. Now us Brits are the worst at being self assured and confident. The absolute pits. We SUCK at it. We hate braggarts. We usually err on the side of caution/modesty instead of the brash confidence that many nationalities excel at lest we come over as being a bit of a twat. There's a very fine line between confidence and arrogance, and I think us Brits stay on the humble side out of habit rather than being thought of as a giant cunny.

Sooooo, I'm going forth (tentatively) with a new sass. I rock, you most certainly rock, and the interaction we have here fucking rocks like a boulder in a giant fortified centrifuge. That's a lot of rock. So, in this spirit of NOT hiding your lights under bushels, tell me in the comments something that you fucking rock at.

I'll tell you something that rocks - the amount of comments going on on this humble (ha, just testing to see if you're awake) blog compared to the number of readers here. Our readers/comments ratio is higher than a kid on Spring Break. WE ROCK THIS COMMUNICATION THING. We're all over this interaction shiznit like glasses on nerds. We EXCEL at this talking thang.

Go forth and tell me something you EXCEL at. No modesty. Ongoing, I will try to remain confident about this thing we got going on* without being an arrogant prat, if you promise to pull me up when I'm doing my 'I'm not worthy' guff.

Thanks for reading.

*random song insertion, just because.

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