Have you heard of Taking Shape?

Hi lovelies!

I first heard of Taking Shape when I saw Nikki from Natty Nikki review a piece from them.

A bit of background - Taking Shape have been trading in over 130 stores across Australia and New Zealand for 28 years. They've recently come to the UK and have opened an impressive 16 stores in the UK so far. They do clothes up to a size 26, and a lot of their items are oversized. They do investment pieces rather than fast, disposable fashion.

I was contacted by Taking Shape a few days ago and thought it was about time I checked them out properly and I was pleasantly surprised by both the breadth of the range and the attention to detail in the clothes. I quickly realised I could spend a lot of money on the site and thought I'd show you some of their pieces.

There's something on the website for everyone. There are quite a few items which would suit those of an alternative lifestyle, which really surprised me. I could see myself wearing either of these jackets over a rockin' outfit on a night out.

The attention to detail I spoke about is apparent in embossing on the back of the Sing jacket.

Here are some of the dresses I like.

Taking Shape have an up to 75% off sale at the moment so it's an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with them. I noticed on the website they pick up returns. How awesome is that service?!

Have you had a look at the TS website?

Thanks for reading.

*This isn't a sponsored post, although in the spirit of disclosure I'll be reviewing a couple of their pieces within the next week or so. Opinions, as ever, are my own.

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