November in photos

Hi lovelies!

Another month is over in a flash. Tempus fugit!

I find it hard to remember what I've done each month until I check my Instagram photos.

sunset//face//cookie jars - I want the Xmas pud one so much!
on the sofa feeling miserable//blog sale stuff//Primark earrings
pretty sky//another moody sunset//bear ears

purple lips from MUA//MUA Luxe lip velvets//brows on point
pretty houses//looking aloof//pasta salad
spectacular sunset 1//face mask//spectacular sunset 2

By the Thames//Tower of London//The Shard
Merchant Navy Memorial//the Walkie Talkie building//St Dunstan in the East
St Dunstan//huge leaf//beauty in decay

NOTD//brows worked out again//strangely nice chocolate
shadow woman//matte nails//out with hubs & step dad
graffiti//mum//new Black Heart Creatives necklace

In November:
  • the black dog (depression) hit hard, as did insomnia, and the two together made for a very challenging month
  • my blog sales were a bit of a loss 
  • my eyebrows mostly rocked
  • we went to London for the weekend to see the ma & pa in law, bro & sis in law and niece
  • while there we went for a lovely walk and took loads of photos
  • my mum and step dad came to stay for the weekend, which was lovely
  • the Love EVERY Body challenge started
  • I spent far too much money on Christmas presents and on trying to cheer myself up (it didn't work, oops.)
It's been a month of ups and downs (as with any other month) but I'm going into December with high hopes.

Thanks for reading. Wishing you all a GREAT December!

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