Polar bear OOTD

Hiya cockles!

I love eyelash everything. My life would be complete if someone would knit me an eyelash onesie with a flap to pee out of. When I asked the good folks on Twitter where I could purchase moar eyelash goodies (other than the Primark cardi I already had) lots of people came up with ideas, and when Hanna of Hanna Wears said New Look had a cream one I did a little squee.

It's a natural kind of cream, like a polar bear. (OK, technically speaking I know polar bear fur is colourless and reflects the colour of snow, but bear with me. See what I did there?!)

I bought the jumper from ASOS when they had a 20% off code. I sized down to a 24 thinking it'd be tight but I could've gone down to a 20 easily. I folded it under to make it look like a cropped jumper. Because my top half is smaller than my bottom half (even including my norks) sometimes the plan is to wear tight things up top and more flowy things on my bottom half to draw attention to my narrower top half. I iz pear.

Also, welcome to my dimply knees. I could've/should've worn tights but have you ever seen a polar bear in tights? I rest my case.

Jumper, New Look Inspire
Dress worn as skirt, New Look Inspire (from twin pack.)
Leah necklace, Extreme Largeness - other names are available but none as fab as Leah ;)
Brogues, Everything 5 Pounds.

Ohmahgawd, these shoes are so tight and so long. The first time I put them on I lost all sensation in my toes after 15 minutes. This time they were a little easier to get on because they'd given a little and I took the laces out. They look so damn cute I will persevere, and they were a fiver for the love of Jeebus.

I hope you're keeping warm, and aren't besieged by fluffy polar bears in skirts.

Thanks for reading!

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