Goddess Kayla bra review & about the oversexualisation of bodies

Hiya all.

I've been promising a bra review for a couple of weeks but have held back. In being body positive and visible it's become apparent that a tiny percentage of people who read my blog and follow me on Twitter/Tumblr do so for reasons which differ from my intent.

If I post photos of my back fat, it's because I want other people who have back fat to feel less alienated. If I post a series of photos of me with nothing on my bottom half but tights and some bangin' shoes, I do it as a big middle finger to a society which values thinness over all, and because a little bit of vanity is good for your sanity. Hey, I need to copyright that. ;)

I don't post photos like the aforementioned to titillate. They're for me and for other people like me. If someone finds my form aesthetically pleasing, that's OK but if they choose to sexualise it I don't need to know about it. When a man comments on my blog saying 'I'd love to see you with your kit off' it's not on. When a man tweets me and tells me my back fat is 'hot' and they want to see more of me/it, it weirds me out. When some skeevy blog on Tumblr (male) follows me and amongst the porn photos there are women just like me who are simply sharing their outfit photos, it makes me angry. When someone on Twitter follows me who retweet nothing but photos of gaping wide vaginas it makes hit block quicker than you can say 'hand sanitiser'.

I'm not against people letting me know that they find me attractive so long as they don't make me feel like a piece of meat. I got a lovely email from a chap last week who told me my husband is a lucky man. Isn't that nice? It's flattering but it doesn't make me feel cheap. It comes down to there being ways of saying things. 'You're pretty' or 'You look really nice in that dress' are perfectly acceptable ways of letting someone know they please your eyeballs. You don't have to give the impression you're typing with one hand and your dick in the other to get the point across. I know 99.99% of you reading this will know how to act appropriately and would never dream of saying something to freak me (or anyone else) out, but nevertheless I've been avoiding doing this review in case some dozy bloke thinks I'm doing it for his benefit. Entitlement issues, yanno?

Body parts aren't necessarily sexual, and when someone chooses to sexualise my body it makes me uncomfortable. Even if I was buck naked, it doesn't give anyone the right to sexualise my body, unless I'm legs at a quarter to three with a carrot shoved where the sun don't shine and a 'come hither' look on my face. Lord knows how the younger and more physically appealing bloggers deal with it, because they must get this crap alll the time.

So yes, there are boobs in this post. If you think they're there for you, then they're most definitely not.

I have two bras by Goddess now, the Keira and the Kayla. I've chosen to review the Kayla as it's a bit prettier than the Keira. I bought the Goddess Kayla from Simply Be. It's £32 but I had a 20% off voucher. I consider it worth every pound.

It has lovely wide side straps which hold in side boob/side fat and give me a smoother silhouette.

It has wide straps which distribute the weight of my boobs and don't cut into my shoulders.

The top of the cups come quite high up on my chest, but because it's mesh, I think it looks quite sexy and I don't mind it peeking out of tops in the slightest.

It's comfortable to wear and makes my E cup boobs look grand, well supported and perky. (Damn, I should have done a sideways on photo.) When I got the first Goddess bra (this one) hubs asked me if I'd been professionally fitted as the fit was perfect. I hadn't, I just guessed. I'd been wearing DD cup bras forever, but the side of my boobs weren't encompassed by them so I knew I needed to go up a cup size. The difference not having bits of flesh spilling out all over has made such a difference to my silhouette. I'd been a bra cheapskate for all my life, but now I've made the plunge into proper bras, there's no going back. Because these bras are expensive I'm hand washing them as I want them to last a long time.

Oh, a note about the wires. They're thicker and sturdier than in any bra I've ever had. This bra is a proper bit of boobie engineering.

If you're like me and have been getting through cheap bras every few months, or have boobs on the back and the front and bits poking over the sides of your bra, I suggest moving over to the more expensive side. Go for a proper fitting, or try a bra from a catalogue so if it doesn't fit, you can send it back (just be sure not to take the tags off and to keep all the original packaging.) You could try a few sizes and send back the ones which don't work.

What's your favourite brand of bra?

Thanks for reading.

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