Club Indulge Christmas market


On Saturday hubby and I went off to London to a Christmas market hosted by Miranda from Club Indulge. The day came and off we went on our merry way and got snarled up in awful traffic because of an accident just before the Blackwall Tunnel. We got to the venue 90 minutes late, which only left 90 mins to be with everyone. It was well worth it to meet some new ladies who I've been wanting to meet for a while.

I took some clothes to sell but by the time I got there I had such bad period pain all I wanted to do was sit down, so I did! I ended up swapping some clothes with Mookie and eating lovely goodies brought around by Miranda, which was awesome as we'd spent so long in the car I was almost faint with hunger. I handed over the giveaway prizes to Debz then sat in the corner with Mookie, Sharon and Carmen. I wasn't as social as I hoped to be because I'm so awkward. I feel like a new born deer when I'm amongst new people at first, so I chat gubbins out of nerves.

Mookie kindly let me use her photos as I only took a few on my phone.

Carmen, Mookie, me and James

Carmen, Mookie and Sharon

Mookie and Sharon

Miranda with her pork pies

Mookie's fella Mike, me and James

Me, Miranda and Debz

Carmen, Mookie, Miranda, me and Debz

The event was great - there were two stalls selling jewellery, a lady doing make up, and you could even have a massage or have your nails done. Also there were half a dozen stalls of plus ladies selling their clothes, shoes and accessories. Unfortunately the event was a little quiet, but hopefully next time there'll be more people there. I didn't have any money to spend so I didn't browse the stalls to avoid temptation.

Afterwards we went upstairs to the bar for a quick drink before we all headed off our separate ways. These kind of events are ideal if you're shy at first like me, as you can meet a few people at a time and get to know them without any pressure.

We whizzed off to Kent afterwards to see my dad's side of the family and had a well-needed fish and chip tea.

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