50 things I want to do during the festive season

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I saw a post on Louise's blog called 50 things I want to do during the festive season and immediately knew I wanted to do it too. I LOVE Christmas and everything about it. If you're not following Louise, you need to be. Her wishlist Wednesday and Serendipity Sunday posts are always gorgeous!

The photo belongs to Louise as well

 Let's crack on!

  1. Go to see the Christmas decorations at Westfield (village, not the shopping centre.)
  2. Go to Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park.
  3. Put up the trees (in progress.)
  4. Put up lights all around the living room (OK, instruct hubby to!)
  5. Put a bit of Christmas in EVERY room, even if it's only a bit of tinsel.
  6. Listen to Christmas songs non-stop.
  7. Watch Elf.
  8. Watch Home Alone.
  9. Watch Die Hard. (What, it's not a Christmas film?!)
  10. Watch Love Actually, which feels quite Christmassy to me. 
  11. Watch The Polar Express as I've never seen it. 
  12. Sit round in my PJs or new fleecy lounger watching Christmas films in the dark with only the fairy lights on. 
  13. Find at least one new Christmas decoration. I like to buy one every year so as I dress the trees it brings back lots of memories.
  14. Write out my Christmas cards and post them. SOON!
  15. Send my usual Christmas card to A Hero, Headley Court Military Hospital, Headley, Epsom, Surrey. KT18 6JN. 
  16. Make small donations to a few charities who are close to my heart.
  17. Wrap up the presents I need to send and get them to the post office so I can relax.
  18. Wrap up all the other presents and organise them into bags and boxes.
  19. Buy something for myself from hubby since he'll forget otherwise. ;)
  20. Buy something to myself from myself. And why not? :)
  21. Get a new dress to wear on Christmas Day.
  22. Get a cheesy Christmas jumper, even it if does make me look like an apple on legs.
  23. Watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. LOTR & The Hobbit series will always feel like Christmas films to me because of most of them being released near Christmas.
  24. Go to a Christmas market.
  25. Get my hands on the BIG Soap & Glory gift set which is always more than half price just before Xmas.
  26. Drink ready made mulled wine or make my own. Yum. 
  27. Eat mince pies.
  28. Take the opportunity to do lots of sparkly Christmas make up.
  29. Do a few different Christmas nail art posts.
  30. Go to see some Christmas lights locally.
  31. Go to see Christmas lights around my home town with my mum and step dad.
  32. Go the scenic route on the way to my mum's so we can take in more Christmas lights.
  33. Go to my mum's for Christmas. 
  34. Get dressed in my new dress and put on hideous Christmas earrings and a big Christmas hat.
  35. Give my mum and step dad their presents and watch them open them. I love this bit!
  36. Open my presents.
  37. Have a bacon sammich or full English for breakfast.
  38. Have Christmas Day lunch at my aunt's house.
  39. Open more presents after lunch. 
  40. Give everyone big fat Christmas hugs.
  41. See my mad extended family and remember why I don't see them a lot. HAHAHA.
  42. Have a few festive Christmas tipples.
  43. See my dad's side of the family. 
  44. See hubby's side of the family.
  45. Hopefully have a roast dinner at my aunt's because she's a feeder! Her roasts are legendary!
  46. Avoid falling arse over tit if it snows. ;)
  47. Christmas buffet food - prawn vol au vents!
  48. Eat a few Christmas chocolates. It'd be rude not to!
  49. Find somewhere in the UK who sell pepparkakor, Swedish gingerbread with an extra kick of pepper. They're seriously THE BOMB. (Edit, found somewhere, yes!)
  50. Soak up every last minute of it because my parents, aunts and uncles are all getting on in years and I don't know how many more Christmases I'll have left with them.

Of course it goes without saying I'll be photographing and Instagram-ing the shiznit out of every moment of Christmas!

If you want to do this post, feel free but make sure you link to Louise's blog. The graphic is hers as well.

Thanks for reading!

What are you looking forward to about Christmas?

My Outside My Comfort Zone outfit post will be up in a few hours, so pop back for that.

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