Bexhill - not just for old farts


A few weeks ago husband face and I went on a jolly to nearby Bexhill on Sea on a grey, overcast day. Like many other seaside towns in the UK there's a large retirement population there, but it's not all old fogeys by any means.

I can see why do people retire to Bexhill, though. I might fancy it for myself. It's almost all on the flat, unlike nearby Hastings which is very hilly, and who wants to deal with hills when you're in your dotage? The sea front promenade is long, and as it's not a very commercial town (no pier, not a lot to excite young families unlike a lot of seaside places) you can quite often get a piece of beach to yourself. There's a huge town centre with just about every kind of small shop you can imagine, many of whom look like they've been run by families forever. Bexhill is the kind of place to go if you want the personal touch, and you're happy to go to half a dozen small shops rather than heading to Tesco for everything.

Here's our afternoon exploring.

Monkey puzzle tree!
'Inside' Bexhill Manor House, or what's left of it - this is an open courtyard
Isn't this just the best located road sign ever?! It's the first one I've seen painted on a wall

I would put captions on all the photos but sometimes I think the intrigue of the unknown is better. Feel free to ask if you want to know what anything is!

Thanks for looking.

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