February in photos

Hello honey buns!

It's time for what I did in February in photos. Click to enlarge.

Policemen kissing - a Banksy rip off or a real one? We do have a Banksy nearby//me & Mookie
Face//nails//horrid Fibro rash
First Drown Soda order//sneak peek of my back tattoo

Meeting Maggie over from Chicago//Merchant Navy memorial
Tower Bridge//St Katharines Docks//cheeky hubby
Yours Clothing 99p dresses//a lovely sunset

Eating less meat//the storms wreaked havoc on the coast
Not so much driftwood as a drift forest//fisherman's wares//let me in
First day with my new glasses//hubby on our impromptu date//I prefer myself pretty

Morticia vibe//I got Rachele'd!!
Pretty flowers x 2//fish finger sandwich
Depression hits hard//more slap

So, what did I/we do in Feb? Not as much as usual. We met Mookie and Mike for lunch and fun, which was lovely, even if the weather wasn't. ;) I did Fatshion February and posted an outfit a day for the whole month and really enjoyed that. I fell in love with Drown Soda jewellery and we visited hubby's parents in London for the weekend.

Hubby and I went to the beach a couple of times and froze our arses off, but it's wonderful to blow the cobwebs away! I was very lucky and got my hands on 3 Yours Clothing 99p dresses. Depression kicked the crap out of me for a lot of February, and I had the most painful period I'd had in about 18 months so I was chomping codeine like TicTacs. It was a bit of an up and down month, a lot of which was spent in bed afraid to face the day but it's over now. :)

Onwards and upwards, March has been a much better month so my next photo update will be a bit cheerier!

Have a fab rest of weekend.

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