Plus size bloggers trip to Lakeside


Yesterday hub and I went to Lakeside to meet Mookie (and her hubby Mike) Abi and Charlie.

Abi, Charlie, Mookie and I

Aren't we all pretty?!

We had a great time. We went to Primark, had lunch at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen then went to Evans and Yours Clothing, who were both expecting a visit from us as Mookie had called both head offices. We tried on lots of clothes in Evans and Yours and I took photos of everyone, so I'll post those visits separately as there are too many for one post.

Mookie's photo

Mookie's photo

We had a really good day except for when we witnessed a crow killing another crow while we ate lunch outside the Gourmet Burger Kitchen. The poor thing drowned in the lake next to us after being viciously attacked. It was horrible. Other than that it was lovely being out in the sunshine and hubby even got slightly sunburnt on his face! WTF, it's March!

We all had a spend up in Primark. Here's what I bought.

I snagged:

A Simpsons tee
A mini satchel
A thick chain necklace
An eagle necklace
Eagle earrings
Gold disk earrings
Leopard hair grips
A hair bun
A floral hair crown thingy
Pink floral hair clips
An eyeliner

I also bought a dress in Yours Clothing, which I'll blog about in due course. I will post the photos from Evans and Yours of all of us soon! Here are some general photos from the day.

I'm slowly getting used to my new glasses

I wish I bought this. How ironic would a fat girl in a doughnut tee be?!

We had lots of fun and a lot of laughs. Hopefully we can do the same again in a few months.

Thanks for reading and keep your eyes peeled for posts about my experience in Yours and Evans.

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