Stickers and postcards....of ME!

Hello honey buns!

Did you know that when you've had Rachele draw you you can buy stickers and postcards with your face on? 

Naturally I bought both because I was so stoked to be captured so brilliantly. I think I'll send one of each to my mum, she'll love them.

If you've been immortalised by Rachele you can go to her Redbubble and order your cards and stickers. They come from abroad so if you're in the UK they can take a couple of weeks to come, but are worth it. The postcards are normal postcard sized and the stickers are about as big as the palm of my mind, so you're getting a good size for your money and they're both good quality too.

Will you be getting some stickers and postcards of yo' self?

Thanks for peeking!

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