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Hello lovelies,

I'm going to be talking about foot care so if feet turn your stomach, give this post a miss!

I have a problem with hard skin on my feet, or to be precise, with my right foot especially. I've mentioned in the past how I had an accident in my 20s where a metal bolt pierced my knee cap, and now my left leg is at least an inch shorter than the right. Because I carry more weight on my right leg, I get a LOT of hard skin on that foot and hardly any on the other. (I also walk a bit like a penguin because of the difference in leg lengths!)

I'm not yet ready to give you photos of my feet because I've been hiding them for years. I had thick, yellow hard skin which looked and felt absolutely disgusting. Even thinking about it makes me want to hurl. My hubby calls me 'Leather feet'. What a charmer! ;)

I've used it twice so far and my feet are transformed.

The first time I used it I did it on dry feet, and the amount of skin which came off was frankly astounding. Then last Thursday (about 2 weeks after I first used it) I used it again in my huge pamper session I did prior to the Curvissa event. First I did it dry, and again I got quite a lot of skin off my right foot. I soaked my feet in hot water with oil and tea tree oil for 10 minutes then used it again and the feet I was left with afterwards looked like someone else's. I didn't think it was possible to have feet like a normal person again.

I'm still a bit reticent to show you my feet as I've been afraid of anyone seeing them for so long now, but I was confident enough to walk around in my bare feet some of the time at the Curvissa event, which is massive for me. I painted my toenails a pretty orange for the Curvissa day and I need to sort out a couple of polish chips, then have one last go over with the tool then I will post pictures of my feet.

I bought the tool from Tesco for £8.50 and it's worth every single penny. The only downside is the holes get quite clogged up during use and you will have to use some kind of bristle brush to clean them out with. I'm using an old dish brush. If you have been suffering with hard skin for a long time you need this in your life! Before this I was using a JML Pedi Pro, which is did improve my feet slightly, but when compared to this it falls sadly short.

I thought I'd mention how/where I do my feet. Because bending over from standing causes me dizzy spells I lay two towels out in front of the sofa, one to catch the skin that comes off, and one to dry my feet and legs with after I've soaked them in the bowl. I also shave my legs in a bowl in front of the sofa. When you're disabled you have to adapt. :)

You can buy the Scholl instant hard skin remover from Tesco, Amazon, eBay and various other places. I bought it with my own money. I think hubby will have to change his name for me to 'Silky feet!'

Do you have a hard skin problem?

Thanks for reading.

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