Plus size blogger visit to Evans Lakeside

Hiya lovelies!

As you may know if you read my post last night, myself (and hubs), Mookie (and hubs), Abi and Charlie all went to Lakeside on Saturday for some shopping.

We visited two plus size shops, Evans and Yours Clothing, and I will blog about Yours another day.

Mookie had rung ahead to Evans HQ to say we were coming, and was given a contact name for the day. When we arrived Mookie found the lady to let her know we were in store, and we were greeted by said lovely lady (whose name I didn't catch, sorry!) who was so welcoming and friendly. She told us to make ourselves at home and to ask if we needed anything at all. I asked if there were any Cut items in store, but there weren't yet - drat - as we were all excited to try some items on. We all wandered around for about half an hour picking up items to try on, and then we descended en masse to the fitting rooms, which were gorgeously laid out with cubicles along 2 walls in an L shape and big circular table in the middle of the space. It was very roomy and welcoming.

I've included photos of me and some of us which were taken together, but not all of the photos I took as I want to leave something for the other ladies to blog themselves.

I wanted to try on the dress below but they didn't have it in my size. I bet they're flying off the shelves!

The gorge Scarlet & Jo prom dress

This was a little too high necked for me

This was a little long on Mookie & Charlie

Abi and myself

Mookie, Abi & Charlie

Abi gets stuck in

This yellow tunic was WOW on Abi, the colour is fantastic for her.

Abi and I were giggling so hard here

Charlie looks amazing in the PowerFit dress by Scarlet and Jo and Mookie was rocking her maxi dress.

Now, I made a big mistake in store, and it was NOT buying the polka dot dress above. It was the nicest thing I tried on all day and I'm kicking myself now. I initially tried on the 26/28 and it was so generous I tried on the 22/24 which was what I'm wearing in the photos. It gave me a great shape, so why didn't buy it?! I don't know! I *would* stomp off down to my nearest Evans and claim it for my own, but my nearest few stores have been closed so I will wait until I want something else to justify the postage, or wait for offers on the Evans website.

All in all we had lots of fun in Evans. Thanks for having us and being so welcoming! Essex people are so friendly and warm!

Coming up in the next 2/3 months, bloggers on tour again....somewhere in the South! Who will we visit next? If you want plus bloggers on tour to pay a visit to your store, give us a yell!

Thanks for reading.

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