Planning my birthday outfit

Hello lovelies!

I'm going to be 40 next month, and as it's a landmark birthday we're making a weekend of it in Birmingham. I love any excuse to dress up, we're going out to a rock club in fancy dress a couple of days before my actual birthday with some of my oldest and dearest friends. We're also having a meal the night before but as far as I'm aware it's me, hubby and Nikki, unless some of the other people I invited still intend to come. More chicken for us then, mwoohahaha.

I'm hoping they have seating in the club so I can retire to rest my bones in between quick bursts of shaking a leg on the dance floor. Anyway, I digress. Hubface and I are going dressed up as steampunk vampire killers, as you do! :) Think Van Helsing. Some parts of my outfit aren't bought yet, but these two bobby dazzlers are. My hubby's wallet is crying, but we recently got a little bit of money back from an unsuspected source (British Gas) as they'd been overcharging us and our account was well in credit. Gits.

Corset from Corset Story. £59

Photo from Corset Story

Wig from Geisha wigs. £22

Photo from Geisha Wigs

Hubby is also wearing some fine threads on the night out - he'll be wearing a long black leather coat, a brown suede waistcoat and a beige steampunk shirt. He'll be my very own Van Helsing! He won't wear the Van Helsing hat though as he's so precious about his hair. ;)

I think the corset might be my birthday present - I'm not sure. Hubby is being very enigmatic on the subject!

I've bought a lot of old watch parts to steampunk up our outfits, and also some antique-look key charms. I have a thing for keys. I've bought some taffeta fabric to make a skirt out of, but wish I did my research first as it seems taffeta is a beeyatch to sew with....and I'm the person who hasn't used her sewing machine for 10 years, and even when I did as complicated as it got was cushion covers. This could go VERY wrong. HELP!

I'm looking forward to my birthday with a couple of small disappointments. There won't be as many people coming as I thought there would be initially - my brother isn't even coming! Humph. Never mind, I'm sure the few of us who are going will make enough entertainment. I intend to be on the shots all night, so I should be a riot all on my own. :) I'm a hilarious drunk!

I have a few family meals to look forward to in celebration of the ol landmark birthday as well - one 'big' meal with my side of the family (there'll probably be at least a dozen people there if not more), one with hubby's family and hopefully a smaller more intimate one with my aunt and uncle, who probably wouldn't want to come to the big meal as they don't really know my dad's side of the family.

I have some outfit posts coming up this week. It's been good to take a little break from outfit posts every day after Fatshion February ended. I loved doing it, but at the same time it's nice to talk about some other things too, and I'll endeavour to post some make up looks now we have more daylight.

Have a great week and I'll post any other goodies I put together for my birthday shindig when the time comes.

Thanks for reading.

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