Not Your Before Photo OOTD

Hiya loves,

You may have heard last week that Rachele, fab blogger and fat activist had photos of her in her fatkini stolen from her blog by jerks to sell a dodgy weight loss program on Facebook. I reported the photos to Facebook as did many others and at first they weren't going to remove them. They finally removed them a few days later, but the damage was already done. Rachele's co-workers and friends had seen her on shady Facebook pages she would never ever support.

I empathised with her as I know how damaging it would be to be associated with something so against her beliefs. I know I'd be devastated if the same thing happened to me, and it could so easily happen to ANY of us. I wanted to do more than share what had happened on social media. Rachele's bravery and visibility in fat activism has given me SO much confidence to be myself and I'm not exaggerating when I say without following her blog I wouldn't be the blogger I am today.

I wanted to stand in solidarity with Rachele and let her know she is supported, so I suggested a 'Not Your Before Photo' campaign where we post photos of ourselves just as we are as a big middle finger to the people who think our bodies are so hideous that they serve as a warning to others.

I am #notyourbeforephoto.

I'm effin fabulous!

T shirt, Primark
Brooch, made by Lolly
Bracelet, old H&M
Skirt, Yours Clothing
Shoes, Rocket Dog

By standing together in matters such as this we send a message - mess with one of us and you take us ALL on. Will you be joining in with a #notyourbeforephoto?

Thanks for reading!

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