Plus size blogger visit to Yours Clothing Lakeside

Hey pickles,

Many of you might know I went to Lakeside on Saturday with 3 other plus size bloggers - Mookie, Charlie and Abi, plus mine and Mookie's hubbies. We went in Primark, Evans and Yours Clothing.

By the time we got to Yours it was quite late in the day and we were all getting tired so we didn't have the stamina for a long visit, but we all tried on a few things on. It was actually my first ever visit to Yours and I was really excited! I've been buying from them for years, from even before they were called Yours. When I went on holiday to Great Yarmouth, I used to go in the Size Up store there a few years running, which was what Yours were called before. I always used to look them up on the internet, waiting for them to start doing online shopping, and then they had a name change and started an online shop. I've been buying online from them ever since.

This waffle tunic felt really nice but was a bit too short over the bum for my comfort, even with leggings. It's a really nice heavyweight fabric and felt comfortable on.

Mookie tried on this jumper, which looks fab on her.

Abbey Abi (excuse my brain fog!) tried on this dress, which I think would make an excellent outfit for a posh occasion like a wedding or christening.

Abi, Mookie and Charlie all tried this dress on and it was cut slightly strangely - the waistline was too low. Shame, because the fabric is lovely.

Myself and Abi tried on this cotton polka dot tunic. As it has no stretch and I wanted an airy loose fit for summer (if we get one!) I tried on a 30/32 and it was so big two of me might have fitted in. Then the lady came to check we were OK and I asked for a 26/28, and again it was far too big. In the end I bought the 24, which I think I'm wearing in the photos below. I probably could've gone for a 22 but I wanted a bit more length, so if you're looking for a very generously cut tunic, this is a good bet. It was only £20 so I bought it. It has cute little buttons in the upper back. I'll post more detailed photos and an outfit post with it in the next couple of days.

The staff in Yours were all really friendly and eager to help. At the end the manager gave us each a cotton Yours tote bag, which was very nice. I would definitely go back to that store again. If there's one thing I'd change about the whole experience, it would be to take out some stock. Everything was very tightly packed and it was a bit hard to navigate around without knocking clothes off hangers. It was a medium sized shop so I can understand the need to pack everything in, but it's a shop for larger ladies, and there needs to be a bit of room for ample bodies to squeeze through.

Hopefully my next visit to Yours Clothing won't be too far away, but until then I'll keep buying online. My nearest stores are Crawley and Lakeside, which are both about 80 minutes drive on a good day. Hopefully it won't be too long until there are more stores.

Have you ever shopped in an online shop for years but never been to their physical store?

Thanks for reading. 

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