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Hello earthlings!

I'm such a perfectionist I don't post 90% of the manis I do as my application isn't perfect. I've been painting my nails for too long to count and yet I still ruin half my manis within, oh, 90 seconds.

It seems like such a waste to do my nails and not post photos because I have jittery hands or have a teeny chip in one nail from that itchy nose I just HAD to scratch. (Why do I get itchy ears and nose every time I've got wet nails?!)

From now on I WILL post my less-than-perfect nails. At least you can see the colours, right? Right!

Here are a couple of Models Own nail posts from the items I bought in their recent sale. I want to show you all 11 polishes I bought over the next week or so, even if some colours are only shown on one finger. Technically it's 12 colours though, as one of the polishes is a double ended thing with a base coat and top coat.

L-R: Purple Pearl, Mystic Mauve, Hot Pink, Champagne, Jade Stone.

L-R: Purple Pearl, Mystic Mauve, Hot Pink, Champagne.

Models Own Artstix double ended polish in Jade Flakes & 4 normal polishes

I'm using the green shade Jade Stone from the Artstix double ended polish, which together is called 'Jade Flakes'. It's a bit confusing but the Artstix I have is made up of 2 shades - 'Jade Stone', the green - and 'Snowflakes' a glittery top coat to make an Artstix product called Jade Flakes. Hope that makes sense - my head hurts now! Both are also available as normal polishes separately.

More Mystic Mauve as I just love it. 

What have you got on your nails? What's your fave nail polish brand? Mine's a toss up between Models Own and OPI.

Models Own nail polishes are £5 each and the Artstix double ended polishes are £6.

Thanks for peeking.

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