Beauty: Reverse shampooing


I was hanging out on Twitter in the middle of the night recently when I saw a link to an article about reverse shampooing and clicked on it out of curiosity. It took me to this XOJane article about it. My first thoughts: Whaddafug is reverse shampooing?!

My hair had been in a funk for a while when I saw the article mentioned above. For the previous few weeks before using this method my hair looked almost as greasy after washing as it did before. Hubby would say 'Have you washed your hair? It looks really greasy!' and I'd be like 'Ugh, yessss!' and he'd look at me in that I'm-married-to-a-woman-with-Fibromyalgia way and say 'Are you sure?!' And because I'm a lazy ho-baggage I'd waft around the smelly, damp towel I cast off my noggin just a couple of hours hence to prove it (and to stop him from putting me in a home.)

I'm always careful to only condition the parts of my hair from the nape of my neck down to the ends (as recommended by a hairdresser) and I even tried changing up my shampoo and conditioner but my hair looked dull and greasy whatever I did.

The first time I tried it it felt so wrong to be putting conditioner on top of my greasy hair, but I conditioned, threw a towel on my head then cleaned my teeth (I have a two minute timer on my toothbrush) then rinsed the conditioner off before shampooing.

At first, my hair hung together in wet clumps and I thought 'This is obviously not going to work.' But as it dried, some magic started to happen. My hair was softer and shinier than it had been for weeks, and it was full of extra body which only impossibly hair-endowed Satanic witches sport in shampoo adverts, which I thought was the result of blowing the guy with the red horns. I was a convert. (To the reverse shampooing, not blowing Beelzebub.) Not only did my hair look great, but instead of washing my hair every 2 days, I can now wash it every 3, which means my henna colour will last longer each time.

There are no before photos of my hair because I didn't expect it to work at all so hadn't prepared a lank and revolting before photo. But I can wholeheartedly recommend this method if you have fine hair which is in need of a bit of oomph, or if you struggle not to accidentally over condition. If your hair is thick or dry, it's probably best to stick to what you already know.

I woke up with this bouffant going on the other day.

Let me know if you're going to give it a go!

Thanks for reading.

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