More nail of the day posts with Models Own

Hiya pickles,

Here are some more recent nail posts using the Models Own polishes I bought in their sale.

Using both shades of the 'Jade Flakes' Artstix double ended polish. The base coat is a green called Jade Stone and the top coat is called Snowflakes, but together it makes up a product called Jade Flakes. Both Jade Stone and Snowflakes are available separately as full sized nail polishes.

Jade Flakes Artistix from Models Own=Jade Stone & Snowflakes

The Artistix is a double ended polish from Models Own with a base coat and top coat. There are 12 different combinations available. The flakes in the top coat of this polish I have are really thick and it feels like there are lots stuck together. It makes for a rather bumpy finish. It also feels like there's too much clear polish per glitter ratio in the top coat, so you have to do a few coats to get a half decent covering.

Photo of an Artstix polish on the left.

 Using pinkie to forefinger: Tropical Sun, Disco Heaven, Utopia, Juicy Jules.

Pink Blush on my thumb.

 Tropical Sun, Disco Heaven, Utopia, Juicy Jules, Pink Blush, Pink Paradise.

Pink Blush with Pink Paradise on top

Models Own nail polishes are £5 each and the double ended Artistix polishes are £6 each.

Thanks for peeking!

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