A new set of wheels


Last week we bought a wheelie case for me to use when I travel to blog events. My back and shoulders are one of the most painful areas of my body and carrying heavy things around is really not fun. After the Simply Be Gok Wan event my back and shoulder muscles were going into spasm for days afterwards so a small wheelie case was in order to make future jaunts less difficult.

We bought this Go Explore case from Argos for £24.99. It's the right size for hand luggage for our trip to Sweden in June (we checked the size against the airline's measurements - they do vary from airline to airline.) I needed one with 4 wheels so it would glide freely (even sideways) and that means I don't have to put my back into steering it at all. If you're also disabled having a 4 wheeled case makes for virtually effortless gliding.

It's made of ABS plastic, which is light and strong, but it marks terribly easily. The marks you see below are the result of it coming home in the boot and being laid down on the floor for photography. When it's lost more of its colour I'll probably paint it bright pink or smother it in stickers.

So, what was it like to use? Easy breezy! The handle goes up and down really smoothly/quickly and isn't at all stiff. The wheels rotate really easily - so easily in fact that I had to stop it from wandering off on its own on the tube a few times. I had it absolutely rammed to the gills full of stuff but wheeling it about was a pleasure.
  • Size H49, W39, D22cm.
  • Weight 2.7kg.
I'm sure they've got the weight wrong, it feels like it weighs next to nothing to me. Maybe I'm stronger than I think?!

Before I was ill I was so strong I'd carry everything, no matter how heavy. A few years ago we bought a large wheelie bag for our travels when we didn't have a car, but it's far too big for me to use on overnight stays and too much for me to handle on my own anyway. I don't expect this case to last forever, but for the price if I get a year or two out of it I'll be happy.

What do you use for overnighters?

Thanks for reading.

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