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Hiya loves,

On Saturday hubby and I went to Brightling, Sussex to visit yet another cemetery. This one was pretty special - it has a 25ft pyramid tomb in it, which is the last resting place of Mad Jack Fuller. Brightling is a quiet little spot of a place, but it's really pretty and peaceful. Just the ticket after a few busy weeks!

I took a lot of photos and will post the majority of the scenery ones in another post, but here are the ones of what I was wearing.

For scale

I bought this dress(?) on Thursday in a charity shop. It's too short for decency as a dress so I'm wearing it as a top. I love the pattern and it's a nice quality material.

Giving the man side eyes.

I was a bit unhappy when I saw these photos. I have the double whammy of IBS and ovarian cysts - which both cause abdominal swelling - and on top of that it's lady time too. The unholy trinity of bloat! Getting used to a changing body because of illness is a difficult one, and one I'm still working on.

I'm a bit down generally - my uncle had a heart attack yesterday. He's doing OK - he had 3 stents put in and we're not sure if he needs further surgery but at least he's out of the woods for now.

I hope you had a good weekend?

Dress, via charity shop
Skirt, New Look
Shoes, old Evans
Hair flower, Primark
Necklace, Drown Soda (website is on hiatus currently.)

More photos of the tomb in a few days.

Thanks for reading!

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