OMCZ #33 - Soaking up the sun

Hey there,

Becca chose the theme this time and said:

It's getting warmer in the UK and it's nearly time for the Summer Fun Days to start. Whether it be your local village fun day, a school fayre or a party at a friend's house, I want to see your outfits for those days out soaking up the sun.

I bought this dress last week when Fashion World and Simply Be had a 50% off sale. It was my last hurrah before my self-imposed spending ban. I loved the dress when I saw it on Mookie at the Curvissa event a couple of months ago and the spicy orange colour is very summery.

I'm an E cup so I got the dress in E-GG fit. There's a lot of spare room in the bust so maybe the bust size down (up to a DD) would've been better but as long as I remember to rearrange my dress as I bend over hopefully I won't flash anyone. :)

I need to check in front of a mirror for uneven leggings. :D

The dress is really soft and has the added bonus of pockets. It rides up a bit over my bum so I have to pull it down every now and then but such is life with a bubble butt. :) It's a quality fabric without being too heavy so it should get a lot of throughout summer - it's the perfect mix of smart and comfortable which would work for quite a lot of informal gatherings. I'd sooner be slightly too formal than slightly too casual.

Dress, Simply Be
Leggings, Very
Shoes, old Evans
Necklace, Sister Vintage
Bag, old Everything 5 Pounds

What's your go to summer day outfit?

Thanks for reading!

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