Brightling cemetery and pyramid (plus bonus cows)

Hello lovelies,

As I said in an outfit post earlier in the week, we went to Brightling cemetery last weekend. Sometimes I tell hubby not to tell me where we're going so I get a surprise, and this was one of those times. He kept asking "Do you know where we are yet?" Nope.

This is the tomb of Mad Jack Fuller a local landowner and eccentric.

The man took this one

On the way back from Brightling we spotted a field full of sheep. As we got out of the car I spotted cows in a field across the road and made a beeline for them instead. I'm fond of cows because I had a couple of close encounters with them on my honeymoon in 2012. My post about it is here.

The cows weren't by the gate but as soon as I went over they come over to investigate. They're really inquisitive animals. Some are shy and hang back, but some of them will barge their way to the front to see what's happening.

The beaut in the photo below was my favourite. I was scratching its face and it was the only one who stayed there the whole time. While I was fussing this one some other cows would lick my arms and make me jump out of my skin (their tongues are really rough) and they'd all jump back with fright as well then have to build up their courage to come back. We were there about half an hour and I was thoroughly sniffed and licked and ended up covered in cow snot so I had hubby wash my arms and wipe me down with tissues before I got back in the car. (I had a thorough scrub with antibacterial wash when I got in.)

I'm happiest when I'm around animals - any animals.

Hubby took this one too.

Have a great weekend, whatever you're up to!

Thanks for reading!