Tutorial - how to lengthen necklaces without tools

Hey lovelies!

I'm thick of neck and sometimes when I buy necklaces they're so short on me I start to feel a bit strangled. Here's a quick and easy way to add length to ANY necklace without tools. I buy a lot of £1 necklaces from Extreme Largeness but they only come on a 40cm chain which is tight on my fat neck.

You will need:

A necklace
A hair band, the thinner the better - preferably skin toned
Something pointy like scissors or tweezers

Get your hair band and thread it through the link end of your necklace (not the clasp end, as below.) Depending on the thickness of the hair band, you may need to push it through the link with something pointy, like scissors or tweezers. I used a skin toned hair band as if the clasp twists around to the front of my neck it won't notice so much. I got a pack of about 50 pastel toned hair bands from Primark for £1.

Loop the hair band through itself...

 ...and pull it tight.

Attach the clasp to the hairband, and you have a slightly longer necklace. Just attach the clasp to the end of the hair band. Ta daaaaa!

If this still doesn't make your necklace long enough, just loop another hair band onto the other hair band. You could also do this to bracelets if you don't mind the hair band showing on your wrist.

This is also a great tip to help disabled people do up their own jewellery. I have problems putting my arms up or behind me for any length of time, and fiddling with tiny rings really hurts my arms. It's much easier to attach the clasp to the hair band.

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Thanks for reading.

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