Red & black OOTD

Hello flowers,

Happy Friday! I couldn't come up with a pretentious or witty outfit title so have the facts, instead. :)

I'm wearing another one of my New Look bargain dresses here. It came in a twin pack (one red, one black.) I don't very often wear block colours as I'm more a fan of prints, but there's more freedom to accessorise plain items than with prints, I think.

I'm gearing up to spend less money (hopefully!) so organising what I've already got is high on the agenda. If I get all my stuff in order now Outfit August will be much easier.

I was looking for a belt and came across my skull scarf and thought 'You'll do!' It's often little last minute touches which make an outfit. Plus if you have a scarf you're using as a belt and the weather turns you can either put it across your shoulders to keep the chill off or put it over your head to keep the worst of the rain away. I usually have a scarf in my bag whatever the weather.

Slight bitchface/sucking a lemon face going on

Hi feet, how YOU doin?
Dress, New Look
Leggings, Very (also from a twin pack - one long & one cropped leggings per pack.)
Necklace, Extreme Largeness
Shoes, Rocket Dog
Scarf, eBay

Have a good weekend! Are you up to much? I'm seeing fellow blogger Mookie and her hubby tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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