Not-shopping update & new blog design coming


I hope you had a good weekend? I did, and I'm remarkably (and accidentally) browner than I was on Friday. Now I look like a person, not a sheet of A4. Yay, Vit D. Once I've browned a bit in summer, I feel more me, you know? I embrace my paleness in winter, but in summer my face suits being medium brown, faked or not. I tend to look dirty around the mouth as soon as I get a tiny hint of colour, which means I need more colour to even it out. I envy girls who have the colouring to suit pale all year round, but with my freckles and tendency to go purple in the face when I get hot, I feel 'safer' behind a tanned face, if that makes any sense!

Here's a sneak peek of my new blog design which the lovely Kaelah of the Clueless Girl's Guide is doing for me.

It's very me, but perhaps not a side of me you're used to seeing. It plays on my love of vintage things. I can't wait to do the big reveal, but all being well it should be up within the next 2 weeks. Eep!

~ ~ ~

So as you know about 10 or so days ago I decided to sort my shopping habits out. I've managed to resist a few ASOS discount codes and lots of other goodies. I was feeling really great about things until yesterday, when I followed a well-worn path and ended up on the Simply Be site. They were doing 50% off about 150 items. Don't worry, I didn't buy them all. ;) I bought 2 things and if they're not right I'll send them straight back. I've got much better at sending things back recently - I used to be rubbish and think 'Oh, I'll just sell it!' but I never do because I'm a lazy ho-baggage. Although I've ballsed up just after a week in, I've started a system where (for the most part) I write down something I'm lusting over, then look back on it a day or two later to see if I still want it. And 75% of the time I find I don't.

If stopping my spendy ways is like learning to ride a bike, the training wheels are still on, but I'm still finding my balance. I'll get there.

~ ~ ~

Yesterday I went to Brighton for an event put on by Curry's PC World. We had a really informative couple of hours teaching by Dade Freeman (whose wedding portraiture is exquisite.) I'll have a full post up about the day in a couple more days, but meanwhile here's a pic of Ellie, Kyleigh and me. Damn it was hot, I was scarily scarlet in the face all day. Thank god for Instagram filters!
Kyleigh's photo.

I had a wicked day and came home knackered and put my feet straight into a bowl full of cool water. Aaaaaaaahhh! The train company are tools though - running a 2 carriage train between Brighton and Ashford International is a joke. Luckily there was a super-respectful older gent behind me who kept making sure I had enough room (we were crammed in standing by the doors like sardines) and people were actually talking to strangers! Shocker. I know weekday commuters (espec London ones) can be a bit standoffish, but weekend journey-folk seem to be a little more chilled. Either that or the lack of personal space forces people out of their 'No one else exists' bubble. I even had a cute dog to take my mind off my aching feet for a while, and when I got off the lovely ol' fella tapped me on the arm and told me to take care. Awww.

Public transport REALLY makes my anxiety go through the roof so I'm glad I dealt with it. When I was on the platform with allllllll the people waiting to board I was worried about not getting on the train at all (I couldn't imagine how everyone would fit) and my thoughts were spiralling, but I told myself everyone else on the damn train would be equally as miserable as I was feeling right then and I got over it.

Well, that's my news in a nutshell. What did you get up to over the weekend and was there any sunshine involved in it?!

Thanks for reading!

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