Quick beauty reviews/swatches - Barry M/Superdrug

Hiya love bugs,

Although I love make up and beauty and have enough stuff to sink a battle ship, I'm really crap about talking about it, so I've decided to do a collective post every couple of weeks.

First up, Superdrug eyebrow shapers. £1.99 for 4 sheets of 14 strips. Some of the strips are curved to fit your eyebrows, and some are straight.

I had high hopes the first time I used these, as they seemed to remove hair efficiently, but every time I've used them since (I've gone through half a pack) they varied in success from removing just a few hairs to none at all. The amount of wax distributed seems to be really hit and miss. After using 4 strips on one eyebrow the other day and not removing a single bloody hair I've given up. I wouldn't repurchase - the wax just isn't sticky enough. I shall be going back to my Veet facial wax strips.

Barry M Arabian from the Aquarium collection. £3.99 from Superdrug, Boots & Barry M website. Arabian is a gorgeous greenish gold. I used 2 coats here but I think 3 coats would have been better. I find Barry M polishes to dry quickly, and this one was no different. No polish lasts more than a couple of days on me without chipping (I'm a clumsy bugger) but Barry M fares as well on me as more expensive brands. I love Barry M.

Barry M Princess from the textured glitter collection. £3.99. This is a gorgeous gritty pink shot through with gold and silver glitter. It's so feminine. It's a little difficult to remove (as are most glitter polishes) but using the tin foil removal trick it's not too bad. Again, it dried quickly and lasted a couple of days before chipping.

Barry M 53 Coral £4.59. I find Barry M lipsticks to be quite drying as they pack quite the pigment punch, but the flip side of that is they last longer on me than more moisturising lipsticks, which tend to slide off fairly soon. (I have quite moist lips and about 3 hours is the longest wear I'll get, even out of so-called long-lasting lippies.) The dryness is nothing a slick of lip balm beforehand won't fix.

There is a slight issue with this lipstick though - it applies unevenly, leaving little areas with more product on than others. It's not immediately noticeable on the lip, but as it wears over time it starts to look a little bitty. You know like when you get stringy bits of lipstick in the very corners of your mouth? Kind of like that. You can see it the problem slightly in the photo below. It could be down to application - if I were to apply once, blot and reapply rather than my usual windscreen wiper movements this might be avoided. The colour is so pretty and summery I can live with it though.

I have some more Barry M polishes to show you next time, and a lot more besides in the future. I WILL get through my enormous to-swatch pile. :)

Let me know if this is the kind of post you want to see every couple of weeks as a side-order to my normal plus size fashion stuff.

Have a great weekend!

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