Outfit: Blue lace dress and Wingz™

Afternoon, lovelies!

As many of you saw in a post last week, Mookie kindly gave me some items of clothing recently. I've been itching to wear this dress as I'm obsessed with blue right now.

The dress is a size 24, which goes to show sizes mean nada as I'm a 28 in most things.

I was contacted by the lovely Sarah at Wingz™. Wingz are an undergarment with sleeves so you can easily add arm cover to a sleeveless outfit without unnecessary bulk. They sit just under your bra at the front. I tucked the sides of the sleeves under my bra straps on each side to keep them in place. I chose the black half length fitted sleeve wingz. They're made of a light but opaque stretch jersey and the back and front sections are completely elasticated. I got size 3, which fits a size 24-28. They were a little snug on my arms which meant I had to rearrange them slightly to be comfortable, but once I had done so I forgot I was wearing them. I think they're a great way to add versatility to an outfit and/or make clothes more modest or work-appropriate. I'd really like to see the jersey Wingz in a host of bright colours like hot pink, turquoise, jade green and cobalt as that'd add interest to a lot of plain outfits.

Here I am trying to take off. :)

Alas, they're not those kind of wings, but they are pretty handy. They come in oodles of different designs too, including Wingz for weddings. Because the material is so lightweight they're great for this time of the year. Tip: If you have a top or dress with sequin or beaded embellishments and it makes you sore under the arms from rubbing against them, wearing Wingz can help take that uncomfortable feeling away. Anything with detail on it rubs my underarms really raw.

Dress, old New Look via Mookie
Wingz, Wingz*
Brooch, old New Look (it's also a hair flower.)
Bracelets, Primark
Leggings, Yours
Shoes, Very.co.uk

Have you ever heard of Wingz before?

I'm loving blue right now, and those pink shoes which you've seen a lot recently. When I get something new I just want to wear it to death at first!

Thanks for reading!
Leah xoxo

*Item supplied for review. Opinions are honest and my own.

P.S. If you read my blog by email you may have noticed my photos are left aligned and this makes some of the text adjacent to the photos, rather than underneath them. I'm having to left align my photos to match up with my new post header from my blog redesign, so apologies for any ugliness in the email version of my blog.

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