Le weekend

Hiya flowers,

I hope you had a good weekend?

Mine was up and down.

Saturday was spent on the sofa dosed up to my eyeballs on codeine, having lady pains from hell. I've got a couple of sizeable ovarian cysts which make it feel like I'm passing an articulated lorry from my front bottom for 5 days of the month. It's so fun.

My Evans sale order arrived Saturday which cheered me up a bit. Before it came I had buyer's remorse and considered sending the order back, but hubby liked both things I bought so they stay. He doesn't mind me spending money if he likes what I buy. I only get bollocked if things don't please his eyeballs. I got a dark turquoise longline top and a Scarlet and Jo prom dress (it was half price but I can't see it on the website now so it's probably sold out.) Expect photos of them on soon. The dress is for my friend's wedding next month.

We watched Metallica at Glastonbury on BBC2 on Saturday night, which took my mind off the pain. Hubby and I have seen Metallica at festivals and at stadium shows several times in the past, and they always deliver. We did used to go to a lot of gigs and festivals when I was in better health, so it was a little reminder of what we're missing, but with loos close at hand and no rain. :)

Holding aloft a vodka to Tallica. 'Scuse the mess. Evans bag in shot!

I try not to talk about personal things on here too much, but this is too much to keep in. One of my uncles has been diagnosed with cancer. Terminal cancer. He's only in his 60s. Some of you may know he had a heart attack a month ago, so he's not having the best time of it. It's going to be a very trying time for everyone, my aunt and uncle particularly (obviously.) What can you say? What can you do? Nothing can make that situation any better, and he has months left rather than years. I'm trying not to think about it, but I can't not. I'm trying to keep busy so if you get an outfit post every day for a while don't be surprised - anything to not have to think.

My brother came down to visit us yesterday. He's down in the dumps too, and I was hoping to cheer him up with my humour, but I was so ill I was miserable myself. It came on in the middle of the night - the shakes, fever and chills, nausea etc, and by the afternoon it was affecting my vision and balance too. We went to Rye and I was walking around alternating between holding my head and my stomach, convinced I was going to vomit or pass out. We had a very slow walk around the town before going to lunch (I left most of mine - when I leave food it's serious, ha!) We had a drive down to Rye nature reserve to take a few photos and had drinks at the pub there. I felt slightly more alive after sitting in the sun and having a soft drink then half a shandy, until we got up to leave and I was walking like Jack Sparrow again. It was like there was a misfire between my eyes and my brain, and the ground wasn't where I thought it should be. Very odd indeed.

The pub we went to


Today hubby and I are going to see the nut doctor about his vasectomy. He's adamant he doesn't want kids, and since it's easier for him to have his ends snipped than them rooting around elbow deep in my innards that's what we're going for. We expect some resistance as hubs is only 33, but his mind is made up. I adore kids, but it's not to be.

Sorry this is all doom and gloom! Hopefully there'll be a few brighter things around the corner.

Have a great week!


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