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Hiya loves,

I was thinking about how sometimes bloggers tend to give themselves a hard time once in a while (at least I do) about the pressure and the need to be wonder woman, but if you stop to think about what's involved in blogging, we're far too hard on ourselves. Bloggers are multi taskers, creatives, all round powerhouses, but we rarely give ourselves credit for all the many and varied things we do. Comparison is just so easy (and so expected of us as women.) It's time we realise all the things we do and are and give ourselves a pat on the back. Readers - have your say at the end - who are your fave bloggers and why?

Bloggers are:

  • writers
  • editors 
  • time managers extraordinaire
  • amateur photographers
  • creative directors
  • PRs for our own 'brand'
  • product testers/swatchers
  • models
  • brand ambassadors
  • influencers
  • virtual shopping assistants/enablers

These are just the things on the front line. Behind the scenes we might be:
  • style advisors
  • advice givers
  • pep-talkers
  • a caring ear 
  • a shoulder to cry on
  • a confidence maven
What things do you bring to the table, bloggers? Do you think you need to give yourself more credit for all the many things you do?

Blog readers - who are your favourite bloggers and what do you like about them? Let's share the love.

Thanks for reading!

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