10 plus size thrifting tips

Hello my loves!

I LOVE charity shops! I never know what I'm going to find - it's like digging for buried treasure. When I was a child dressed entirely in hand-me-downs and charity shop clothes I was ashamed of it. I found it ironic that all the posh girls in my class at school wore clothes from charity shops to be cool, whereas I couldn't think of anything else more embarrassing. Thankfully the stigma of buying from charity shops has long since passed. Over the years my love of fashion and bargains has grown, so it's only natural my love of charity shops has too.

Although thrifting/charity shopping isn't always easy when you're plus size, I've picked up a few tricks over the years.

Here are my top tips for bagging yourself a plus size bargain.

  1. Go early (if you can.) Less people = better chances of finding a gem. Also, the store is starting off with a full complement of goodies which may not get restocked during the day.
  2. Go often. The more you look the more likely you are to find a beaut!
  3. Carry a pocket tape measure. Sometimes sizes are marked incorrectly, so if you know your bust/waist/hip measurements you can quickly size up a garment for fit.
  4. Ignore sizes to a certain extent - if an item has give or is oversized you might be surprised at how low a size you can wear. Use your tape measure.
  5. Remember stretch is our friend. For example elasticated waist skirts, jersey dresses & tops and knitwear will often fit larger than the label says. Until you stretch that thing out you have no idea what might fit you.
  6. Try things on if you have the time and if you're shopping with a friend, ask their opinion.
  7. Don't buy just because things are cheap - will you really wear them?
  8. Give the item a quick once-over for damage - missing buttons and suchlike.
  9. If you get to know your local charity shop workers really well, ask them to hold items for you or call you when they get something you're looking for - for example dresses in a size 26.
  10. Keep the tags on and your receipt in case you need to return anything.

Bonus tip: Know your body. I'm a size 28 but I can get away with wearing a size 18 cardigan if the arms are big enough. I rarely do a cardigan up so it makes no difference to me if it doesn't quite meet in the middle. My belly and bum is the biggest area on me, so finding trousers to fit is highly unlikely, so I concentrate on dresses and tops.

Do you have any plus size thrifting tips to share?

Thanks for reading.

Leah xoxo

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