Lippy chick with Simply Be

Hello earth dwellers!

I've got my mojo back. When I posted Monday's outfit post I was menstrual and down on myself, but I've given myself a quick kick in the uterus and am back to feeling fierce.

I have a body, it's a certain shape and it's not the same shape it was a few years ago. I'm going to embrace it, because it's a part of me. I'm done being down on myself because of the changes illness brings. Lots of people are fat, lots of people have illnesses which change the topography of their bodies, and it's about time I sucked it up and got on with loving myself. I'm done with not loving my double belly. It's new to me (having 2 bellies) but to not love myself or make apologies for this new body of mine sends the wrong message to other people who have bodies similar to mine. I WILL wear tight clothing, I WILL post 'unflattering' side on photos and I WILL love myself and every hill and valley that makes up my body. Bodies change with age and illness, and sometimes it's tough and it's work but we can get past it, we can LOVE our new bodies. Nothing has to change but our ATTITUDE to our bodies.

I've had this skirt for about a month, but I kinda lost my outfit mojo and was waiting for it to come back. I wanted to wear the skirt, not have the skirt wear ME. I love the skirt and am glad I bought it. It's a thick stretchy material which offers gentle support and feels really nice on - like a big hug. It's a kind of dark grey colour rather than black, but I don't mind at all as the print is so fun.

Skirt, Simply Be
Top, old Very
Shoes, Primark
Hair flower, old New Look

Here's to more body positive days ahead. Have you ever had a bit of a wibble over your body? Still having one? Here, have a hug.

Thanks for reading!
Oh P.S. I'm using foundation on my legs to cover up the worst of my shin blotches and am feeling much happier about that, too!

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