Bloggers day out in Guildford with Mookie

Hello you!

Last Saturday hubby and I went to Guildford to see fellow blogger Mookie and her lovely hubby Mike.

We met in a car park and headed off into town. We hit up Primark first of all because my hub needed a new pair of work trousers. The men soon decided they'd rather go to the pub, and Mookie and I did a bit of shopping.

Love it!

After that we joined the fellas at the pub. It was a scorching hot day so we sat outside by the river.

Mike (behind Mookie), the lady herself and hubs

After the pub we went to Guildford Castle gardens and took photos of the Alice through the looking glass statue, as Lewis Carroll lived within a stone's throw of the castle.

Then we went back to the car park to head out to a pub out of town, but the traffic lights by the car park were faulty and only going green for about 10 seconds every 5 minutes, so the whole car park was snarled up. We went to nearby All Bar One instead. The food wasn't the best I've had but it was well needed fuel and a chance to sit down. I don't cope very well with the heat (my temperature regulation is poor thanks to Fibromyalgia) so I was feeling really weak and exhausted before we sat down to eat. It was nice to rest up and feel the evening start to cool down.

I broke my churros virginity, which I was really happy about. Mike, Mookie and I shared them.

We also stopped by the Clock Tower at the Guildhall, which was built in 1683. 

We had a quick photo session in the car park before we left. The remainder of the photos all belong to Mookie and Mike.

You can see how tired I am here.

We look like a band. :)

The last photo makes me giggle because I was hovering my hand over Mookie's boobs and she pulled it down so I could have a good honk! :)

I was wearing:
Kimono, New Look
Dress, old New Look
Shoes, old Evans
Necklace, Drown Soda (closed down)

Mookie was wearing a lovely Lovedrobe dress. 

I'm really thankful to blogging for meeting some lovely people and Mookie is soooo lovely, as is Mike. We always have a lot of fun together. Mookie was very kind and gave me some clothes and other bits and bobs which I will share in another post. I'll also share what I bought in Primark in a later post too.

Just a heads up that posts may be a bit thin on the ground for the next few days and replies to comments might be a bit delayed as we have family staying with us and I expect everything will be a bit full on.

Thanks for reading!

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