30 day chronic illness challenge

Hiya pickles!

I've decided to do this.

Although my health is a big part of my life, it's quite a niche topic for my blog so I'm going to post each daily update in the early hours so those who want to read these posts can seek them out and the rest of you can avoid them. ;) I'm going to keep the posts brief when I can, as I've spoken about my health quite often before.

While I'm here I'll do day 1.

Introduce yourself. What illnesses do you have? How long have you had them?

Hi-iii! I'm Leah (as most of you will have guessed!) I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Asthma, hypothyroidism and a few side complaints from Fibromyalgia like IBS and chronic bladder pain. I started to get Fibromyalgia and CFS symptoms in 2007 and was diagnosed in 2012.

Thanks for reading.

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