Pacific Rim

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Hubby and I went to see Pacific Rim in 3D yesterday. I wanted to see it because the trailer looked epic, and because it has Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), Idris Elba (Luther, Prometheus) and Ron Perlman (just about everything.) It was excellent. If you only see one blockbuster this summer, make it this one. It's the new much better Armageddon.

The trailer:

An in depth behind the scenes look:

At the end of the film I felt exhilarated yet exhausted. The action scenes are so immersive that I found myself literally rolling with the on-screen punches. I ached all over by the time the film was over. The fight sequences are so huge in scale, so noisy, so other-worldly that it almost stuns the senses.

The cast was sprinkled with British actors - including Idris Elba, who played an Englishman; Charlie Hunnam, who played an American and Rob Kazinsky (Sean Slater from Eastenders, natch - boy done good!) who played an Australian.

The female lead was Japanese actress Ninko Kikuchi, thank you sweet baby Jesus. A heroine who doesn't have pneumatic tits and typical Western features. The male lead Charlie Hunnam brings a certain amount of twinkly-eyed cheekiness and swagger with every performance and this one is no different. He's so bloody adorable in this film I could eat him. Idris Elba is an intimidating physical presence in the film and I can see him playing a lot more military roles in the future as he has that commanding performance down pat.

I could rave on about this film for days but the best thing I can say is go see it. The action is amazing, the characters are both likeable and believable and despite the whole alien sea monsters vs giant robots thing being waaay out there, it's done so well you can suspend your belief. Go see! P.S. If you do wait through the credits as there's a little something special halfway through.

Have you see Pacific Rim yet? Have you seen any good films lately?

Care to recommend me some?

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